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Here are our most frequently asked questions.
Please feel free to get in touch with questions, comments, ideas or suggestions. We'd like to hear how schools use Active Maths resources: e-mail

Active Maths products in general

Problems and question: My password doesn't work.
I've forgotton my password.

Can I change my password?
Answer: All passwords are case-sensitive: password is not the same as Password or PASSWORD. Check your annual subscription hasn't run out. If you still have problems or you've forgotten your password or want to change your password please get in touch either by e-mail or phone: password@active-maths.co.uk.

Question: Could you please send an Active Maths catalogue?
Answer: Everything we have to offer is on the website. All our resources can be tried out online so we don't produce a catalogue or a demo CD.
You will get at least 45 seconds to try out an activity before a password message appears on the screen. This is supposed to stop teachers using Active Maths resources in school without paying for them! You could click the refresh button on your browser to get another 45 seconds.


Active Worksheets

Questions: I must be missing something, I have bought a password which I received by email but I can't find a box to enter my password nor can I find a change button. Help!!
Answer: Please wait for a worksheet to load: it will only take a second or two.

Question: I am not a teacher and I do not intend to print out the sheets for the entire class. I only require the usage of the worksheets for his personal usage can I buy a password?
Answer: Yes of course you can. Many parents have bought a password to enable them to print the Active Worksheets. A password can be bought using a credit or debit card and only costs £12.00 (UK: plus VAT) for an annual subscription.



If you experience any technical problems or want any help or advice,
please contact technical support on 01943 431024, e-mail support@active-maths.co.uk

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