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Estimating fractions, decimals and percentages game.

Up to four players can play. If two people play then each player can race two horses.

Try to win the race by estimating fractions, decimals or percentages.

Click on the link below to play the game. Use the password horses
Type 'horses' into the password box then click the 'go' button or press <enter>

Best viewed in full screen mode: press F11 if you are using Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Choose optionChoose to show fractions, decimals or percentages.
Select the thinking timeUse the slider to determine the thinking time that each player is allowed.

Click on the play button. Click on the next player button. A target fraction, decimal or percentage is shown.

Drag this pointer
Drag this pointer along the number line. Click to decide on your estimate for the target fraction.
You will miss your go if you run out of time! Click on the 'next player' button.
Hide or show buttons
When the number line is shown these buttons will hide or show each fraction, decimal or percentage.
Click on the 'next round' button.

The horses are racingThe horses will move. The better your estimate then the further your horse will move.

At the end of the race the high score table will be shown. If you have won the race and your score is higher than any of the top 5 high scores then you will be able to choose a name for your horse and your score can be saved.

Let's go racing!

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