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Whiteboard Worksheets Solving Paroblems
Solve problems....Whiteboard Worksheets resources that could be used for solving a variety of problems. All the resources can be evaluated on this website but a password is required to remove a message that will appear on the screen. If your school has subscribed to the Active Maths resources then you'll have a password.
Ladybirds on number grids
Ladybirds cover the numbers on a number square. Click on a ladybird to make it fly away.
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The top button (see below) will show or hide the spots on the ladybirds. The number of spots can indicate whether the number underneath is a multiple of 2, 3, 5 or 7. If it is not a multiple of any of these numbers then one dot is shown. The default is not to show multiples: each ladybird has one spot.

The buttons used in the activity

The five buttons on the second row (see left) will make several ladybirds fly away.
Click on the 'change' button for a new number square.
17: Ladybird 100-square Part of a standard 1 to 100 number grid
: Ladybird Number Square The sequences go up or down in regular amounts from 1 to 10.

Guess the number game
: use multiples, primes and square numbers

Play  Guess the Number
The computer thinks of a number from 1 to 100. Your task is to identify the number by asking questions such as:
Is it greater than ...? Is it a multiple of..? Is it a square number? Is it a prime number?
Click on the appropriate buttons to ask the questions. The numbers that are eliminated are shown in red on the 100 grid. Click on 'the number is.." when you think you know the number.
You can ask up to ten questions.
: Play Guess the Number
Missing number problem-solving activities

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Sum, Difference and Product

D8: Two whole numbers
D9: Two decimal numbers
Two small numbers are generated, their sum, difference and product are worked out.
Hide the two numbers, can you work out what they are from their sum, product and difference?
Click on 'change' to generate two more numbers.
Hide the product, work out the two numbers from their sum and difference.

Hide the odd or even labels: is it possible to say whether a sum, product or difference will be odd or even?

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D36: Sum puzzle

Write a number in each circle so that the number in each square equals the sum of the two numbers on either side of it. There are many possible solutions for the square arithmagon. The answer sheet will give one set of solutions.

Example of a 4x4 magic square
Complete the magic squares

: 3 x 3 magic square
D38: 3 x 3 magic square (more difficult)
D39: 4 x 4 magic square

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D40: Triangle puzzle
The three numbers on each side of the triangle must add up to the red target number.


G5: Sums in code

Use the activity
'Sums' are written in code. The letters A to J each stand for a digit 0 to 9. Work out what digit each letter stands for and what the 'sum' is.

times tables 2 to 10
times tables 11 to 20
3 doubles
4 half of . . .

5 differences
6 number bonds

The activity can be used as an interactive whiteboard game played against the clock.

Click in a blue rectangle next to a letter in the side panel and then click on the number you think the letter represents. Click on the 'check' button to see how many you've got right. The clock can shown or hidden.

Press numbers'1, 2, 3 . . . 0' on your keyboard to show each answer in turn.
Press the space bar to show all the answers.

Use these buttons to generate a pictogram.

Use this button to toggle between a pictogram and a bar chart.
Click on the each row of the pictogram or each bar to show or hide the frequency.

Hide the buttons
Show the buttons
Use these buttons to hide or show the buttons panel

O1: Distance-time graph and train timetable
Link to distance-time graph

Link to distance-time graphA seaside train travels along the promenade from the tower to the lighthouse.
The train's timetable can be displayed and a distance-time graph is drawn as the train moves.
The timetable shows the 24 hour arrival and departure times of the train.
The graph shows the time and distance, in miles, from the tower. Click on the 'go' button to start the journey.

the buttonsThe buttons:
Click on the 'go' button to start the journey.
Top left: show or hide the timetable.
Top middle: Show or hide the times in the timetable: click in the timetable to show or hide individual times.
Top right: show or hide the graph.
Bottom left: replay the journey showing the graph generated.
Bottom middle: replay the journey showing the graph already generated.
Bottom right: zoom in or out of the graph ( the graph can be dragged left or right).

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