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Tiny square
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Random number generator: target board

Link to the number generator
A screenshot of the number generator.

H1: A flexible whiteboard resource which generates 24 different sets of numbers; similar to a target board.

Options include:

Times-tables, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 : match the pairs
Times-tables, all up to 10x10 : match the pairs
Doubles : match the pairs
Quarters: match the pairs

The option buttonsSelect the type of numbers to be generated by clicking on the numbered buttons at the top.
5: doubles, 6: quarters, 9: times-tables 1, 10: times-tables 2

The buttons usedThe colour of the number can be changed. Select one of 8 colours then click on a number.

The numbers can be put arranged in a grid, click this button arrange in a table
or arranged randomly, click this button arrange randomly

The numbers can be grouped by dragging them about.

The numbers can be discarded by dragging them to the bin.

Children can use the resource to match pairs:
eg 3x5 and 15 (times-tables 1)
eg 35 and 70 (doubles)

A clock starts when a set of numbers has been generated. The clock can be hidden or shown (click the green clock button). It can be stopped by clicking the 'stop the clock' button!
The clock can be used to see who can match the pairs in the quickest time.

Mental arithmetic
Example of questions

Mental arithmetic 'tests' each comprising ten questions on addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, place value, sequences, fractions, measures, time and money.

H2: National Curriculum: level 3 'test 1'
H3: National Curriculum: level 3 'test 2' : slightly more difficult

A mental arithmetic 'test' comprising ten questions on multiplication and division..

H4: National Curriculum: level 3


H25: Play Darts
'Throw' three darts by clicking on the screen or interactive whiteboard. The scores will be recorded on the blackboard.
Click on the question marks to reveal the scores.

SAT-type missing number questions

link to missing numbers

Write in the missing numbers. Addition, multiplication and division of multiples of 10.

H5: Missing numbers

link to worksheet

Circle divisions which have an answer of, for example, 6 remainder 3

H6: Remainders

Partition and use the distributive law

link to multiply by 9 or 11

link to multiply by 9, 11, 19 or 21

link to multiply by 49, 51, 99 or 101

Example of actvity

Click underneath the question to reveal the working out.

Multiply a number by 9 or 11 by multiplying by 10 and adding or subtracting the number.

H7: Multiply by 9 or 11

Multiply a two-digit number by single-digit number, multiplying the tens first.

H8: Multiply

Multiply a number by 9, 11, 19 or 21 by multiplying by 20 and adding or subtracting the number.

H9: Multiply by 9, 11, 19 or 21

Multiply a two-digit number by single-digit number, multiplying the tens first.

H10: Multiply eg 9 x 27 = (9 x 20) + (9 x 7) = 180 + 27 = 207
H24: Multiply
click on the boxes to reveal each stage of the calculation.

Multiply a number by 49, 51, 99 or 101 by multiplying by 50 or 100 and adding or subtracting the number.

H11: Multiply by 49, 51, 99 or 101

Multiply a a whole number and tenths by a single-digit number, multiplying the units first:
eg 6 x 5.8 = (6 x 5) + (6 x 0.8) = 30 + 4.8 = 34.8

H12: Multiplying decimals

Multiply or divide mentally

example of multiply worksheet

Example of acivity

Example of activity

Multiply or divide a two-digit multiple of 10 by a three-digit multiple of 100.

H13: Multiply

Divide a four-digit multiple of 100 by 1000, 100 or 10

H14: Divide
H15: Multiply and divide

Multiply a decimal fraction with one or two decimal places by 10 or 100.

H16: Multiply

Divide a one- or two-digit whole number by 100 or 10.

H17: Divide
H18: Multiply and divide

Example of multlplication table

Complete this multiplication table

H19: Multiplication table 1
H20: Multiplication table 2
more difficult

Example of activity

Write a number in each circle so that the number in each square equals the product of the two numbers on either side of it. The first one is done for you.

H21: Product puzzle 1 numbers up to 12
H22: Product puzzle 2 numbers up to 20

Order of Operations  

Load the activity
Click below the 'sum' to
show or hide the answer

H23: Order of Operations: BODMAS
Fill in the missing operations and brackets (if necessary) to make the 'sum' correct.

For example :

3 x (5 - 4) = 3

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