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Tiny square
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G: 1 2 3 4 5
Random number generator: target board
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Make matched pairs the same colour.
The pairs could be dragged next to each other.

G1: A flexible whiteboard resource which generates 24 different sets of numbers; similar to a target board.

Times-tables, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 : match the pairs
Times-tables, all up to 10x10 : match the pairs
Doubles : match the pairs
Quarters: match the pairs

The option buttonsSelect the type of numbers to be generated by clicking on the numbered buttons at the top.
5: doubles, 6: quarters, 9: times-tables 1, 10: times-tables 2.

The buttons usedThe colour of the number can be changed. Select one of 8 colours then click on a number.

The numbers can be put arranged in a grid, click this button arrange in a table
or arranged randomly, click this button arrange randomly

The numbers can be grouped by dragging them about.

The numbers can be discarded by dragging them to the bin.

Children can use the resource to match pairs:
eg 3x5 and 15 (times-tables 1)
eg 35 and 70 (doubles)

A clock starts when a set of numbers has been generated. The clock can be hidden or shown (click the green clock button). It can be stopped by clicking the 'stop the clock' button!
The clock can be used to see who can match the pairs in the quickest time.

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Know multiplication facts
An example of a multiplication table

Complete this multiplication table

G2: Multiplication table 1
Multiplication table 2 more difficult

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Know doubles and halves
Link to doubles and halves

G4: Doubles and halves

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Sums in code

'Sums' are written in code. The letters A to J each stand for a digit 0 to 9. Work out what digit each letter stands for and what the 'sum' is.

times tables 2 to 10
times tables 11 to 20
3 doubles
4 half of . . .

5 differences
6 number bonds
G5: Sums in code

The activity can be used as an interactive whiteboard game played against the clock.

Click in a blue rectangle next to a letter in the side panel and then click on the number you think the letter represents. Click on the 'check' button to see how many you've got right. The clock can shown or hidden.

Press numbers'1, 2, 3 . . . 0' on your keyboard to show each answer in turn.
Press the space bar to show all the answers.

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