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Tiny square
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Carry out more complex calculations

Link to calculations

Link to missing numbers

link to calculations

Carry out calculations involving more than one operation including brackets.

H1: Calculations

Work out the missing numbers in a table. In each table the rows and columns add up to the same total.

H2: Missing numbers

Use a calculator to work out..

H3: eg 8.7 - (9.6 - 6.9)

Use a calculator to evaluate correctly complex expressions.

H4: Calculations

Link to the activity

Sum, Difference and Product

Problem solving activities
Two small numbers are generated, their sum, difference and product are worked out.
Hide the two numbers, can you work out what they are from their sum, product and difference?
Click on 'change' to generate two more numbers.
Hide the product, work out the two numbers from their sum and difference.

Hide the odd or even labels: is it possible to say whether a sum, product or difference will be odd or even?

H5: Sum, difference and product of two whole numbers
H7: Sum, difference and product of two decimal numbers

Interpret the display on a calculator
link to different currencies

Convert prices from one currency to another. Answer word questions involving converting prices in euros and US dollars to £ sterling. The current rate of exchange can be used.

H6: Different currencies


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