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Tiny square
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Construct lines and angles
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Show/hide protractor, rotate buttons

Show/hide protractor
Rotate buttons
Rotate the angle, zoom button
Rotate the angle Zoom button

Measuring angles and length

Use a ruler to measure lines to the nearest millimetre.

O1: Measure the length of each of three lines. Drag the ruler into position.

O2: Measure the length of each side of a quadrilateral. A quadrilateral is randomly generated; keep clicking until you are happy with the quadrilateral. Drag the ruler to measure one side of the quadrilateral. Use the rotate buttons to line up the ruler and the side. Use the zoom button to zoom in or out. The quadrilateral can be moved by dragging the top left corner.




Measuring an angle

O3: Measure an angle. An angle is randomly generated; keep clicking until you are happy with the angle. The angle can be estimated or measured. Move the angle by dragging its 'corner'. Reveal the protractor and move it into position then rotate it to fit over the angle. The angle can also be rotated.


Construct shapes
example of information given

Construct triangles

O4: Given two angles and the included side (ASA)
O5: Given two sides and the included angle (SAS)
O6: A mixture of the above


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