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Tiny square
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Addition and subtraction
Add three decimal numbers

Sums and differences with different numbers of digits.

G1: Addition
G2: Subtraction
G3: Addition and subtraction

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G4: 'Long' multiplication using the area/grid method (the original version, just random numbers)

G5: 'Long' multiplication using the area/grid method (numbers can be chosen by using the number pad)

This resource generates a grid drawn to scale.

Click in the rectangles to hide or show the numbers.
Click on the numbers to hide or show them.
Click under the 'sum' to show the 'working'.
Click on 'change' or the number pad to generate new numbers.

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Link to activity

G6: Multiply a three-digit by a two-digit number
G7: A decimal with one or two decimal places by a single digit

G8: Multiply by decimals with up to two decimal places

G9: Eg 54.6 x 0.32

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