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Whiteboard Worksheets
Hundreds of lesson-starters, questions, problem-solving activities, investigations, games, simulations and interactive resources for use on an interactive whiteboard (or just projected on a wall or standard whiteboard).

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M45: Work out the height of a box
Work out the height of a pile of boxes and an individual box.
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P30: Times graph The time spent at a swimming pool is shown on a sort of bar chart.

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P29: Flight departure times
Seven flight departure times are shown.

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New Whiteboard Worksheets

F8: Play Darts
Work out the scores on a dartboard
J36: What is the weight of a square and a hexagon? Four scales are shown. Work out the weight of a square and a hexagon.
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J16: Substitute cards
Substitute numbers in expressions.
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Q14: Reactions
Generate loads of numbers for statistical analysis. A red or blue circle will appear in the middle of the screen. As soon as it appears hit the correct square button on the left or right. Your reaction time will be displayed.
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R15: Birthday problem
What is the probability that in a class of 23 at least two people have the same birthday?
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The Monty Hall Problem
Choose a door
The Monty Hall problem is a probability puzzle based on an American television game show. The host of the show was Monty Hall.

Contestants were faced with choosing to open one of three doors. Behind one of the doors was a car, behind each of the other two was a goat.

The contestant chose a door and then Monty Hall, who knew what was behind each door, opened one of the other two doors to reveal a goat.

GoatThe contestant then had to decide whether to stick with his or her first choice or switch to the other closed door.
Is it better to switch or stick? Or doesn't it matter? What are the chances of winning the car? The problem created a great deal of argument and discussion.

Timer Timer: useful for timing tests and other timed activities.

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