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Active Words
Numeracy, Literacy and Science vocabulary resources
"I had used it for just a couple of minutes and then today I asked what words they could remember floating about.- they got them nearly all!!!"
"Its excellence lies in the fact that it tunes them in very quickly to a concept. It's great for discussion."
"It's so easy to flash back at the end in plenary to the words".


  • Click on a button in the menu to generate a set of words.
    The menu
  • Click at the top of the screen to move the menu to the top, click at the bottom to move the menu to the bottom.
Close button
Click on this button to hide the menu or control panel.
Show button
Click on this button to show the menu.
  • The words will swim about the screen, a bit like fish! Click on the side of fish tank to create a feeding frenzy.
  • Click on a fish to stop it moving and drag it about. Use the buttons shown below to control the fish....
Hide or show the control panel
Click on this button to hide or show the control panel. A slider The sliders on the control panel are used to determine the swimming speed, the feeding frenzy, how long the feeding frenzy lasts and the transparency of the fish.
Stop and start button
Stop and start the fish
with this button

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