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Carry out more complex calculations
Whiteboard Worksheets activity

Link to calculations

Link to missing numbers

link to calculations

Year 7 (age 11-12)
Carry out calculations involving more than one operation including brackets.

H1: Calculations

Work out the missing numbers in a table. In each table the rows and columns add up to the same total.

H2: Missing numbers

Use a calculator to work out..

H3: eg 8.7-(9.6-6.9)

Year 8 (age 12-13)
Use a calculator to evaluate correctly complex expressions.

H4: Calculations

Link to the worksheet
Year 7 (age 11-12)
Sum, Difference and Product

H5: A problem-solving activity : whole numbers
H7: A problem-solving activity : decimal numbers
Two numbers are generated, their sum, difference and product are worked out.
Work out what the two numbers are.

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Interpret the display on a calculator
Whiteboard Worksheets activity
link to different currencies

Year 7 (age 11-12)
Convert prices from one currency to another. Answer word questions involving converting prices in euros and US dollars to £ sterling. The current rate of exchange can be used.

H6: Different currencies
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